Values - Vision - Mission

Our Values

Respect, know-how and reliability are the foundations of our company.

These values are shared among our co-workers on a daily basis and are the key to our success, credibility and customers' and suppliers’ trust. We believe in “win-win” relationships, and it is with this purpose in mind that we establish and develop efficient and strong co-operative connections. In recent times, we have also grown to become a more socially responsible company, adopting the environmentally friendly approaches that one would expect from a certified ‘green’-thinking and acting business. We support NGOs, and the number of these is constantly growing.


Our Vision

We aim to develop into a digitalized automotive B2B wholesale trade industry leader, through disruptive innovation by intense development of advanced information technologies and the ongoing education of all of our team members, including the continual enhancement of their specialized skills.

Our Mission

At GENUINE AUTOPARTS LTD, we work continuously to broaden our portfolio of brands, widen our coverage, improve our net prices, reduce delivery delays, enhance environmental sustainability and increase the percentage of serviced parts on all brands. In parallel, we aim to digitalise our warehouse facilities

and office processes and integrate advanced system data management technologies to offer you services of the highest possible standards.

To effectively respond to the local, regional and world scenes, we develop and improve awareness of all of our processes, methods, projects and purchase strategies.