Social Responsibility

Since our first year of operation here at Genuine Autoparts Ltd, we have supported and contributed to a range of independent associations and organizations, recognizing our obligation to act for the benefit of those who need our help most.

We are pleased to support more than 30 national and international NGOs dedicated to the wellbeing of children, seniors, women and animals, including in the fight against cancer and other diseases, besides organizations preserving and restoring the Planet’s ecosystems.

Our dedication is unshakable and our commitment simple: to continue supporting a growing number of eligible structures, while at least maintaining or even increasing our level of contributions each year.

The entire team here at Genuine Autoparts Ltd is proud to assure all recipients of our determination to continue serving them in support of their objectives.

If you feel your organization is one of that should receive our support, we will be happy to receive information regarding your activity. Please send us a detailed email so that we can evaluate your application

We thank all of our current and prospective beneficiaries for joining us to help to make life so much more meaningful and rewarding for the wide-ranging audiences we reach!

Please see below for the logos of all of the NGOs that
Genuine Autoparts Ltd currently supports